European Platform of Women Scientists, 2007

25 October 2007

European Platform of Women Scientists
A dream comes true: Committed networks of women scientists meet in Brussels for the First General Assembly of the European Platform of Women ScientistsBrussels, the 28th of April 2007.

On the 27th-28th of April 2007, representatives of networks of women scientists and of networks committed to promote women scientists from 30 countries and various disciplines met for the first time in Brussels as members of the European Platform of Women Scientists. This event represented both the first annual internal meeting for decision-making on future strategies and work programmes and the last stage in the Platform’s becoming a membership-based association.

Very active since March 2006, the European Platform of Women Scientists organised its first General Assembly in Brussels, on the 27th and 28th of April 2007. Following an extensive one-year membership outreach, EPWS now counts 107 members – networks of women scientists and networks promoting women scientists, individuals and supporting organisations – together representing more than 8000 scientists. All full members of the Association attended the General Assembly. The disciplines represented cover a variety of areas, such as: humanities, social sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, and economics.According to EPWS President, Dr. Adelheid Ehmke, “This is a sound basis for a lively association. Together, we shall be able to make an impact in European research and research policy! EPWS aims to improve the framework conditions for women scientists, to ensure gender awareness and to enhance the successful participation of women scientists in European research programmes. Our vision of science is the full integration of women at all levels of scientific careers. Women are not the problem – they are part of the solution!”

Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch, EPWS Vice President, emphasised that in 2007, the Year of the Equal Opportunities for All, “a dream did come true: female researchers have a voice in Europe. The first General Assembly of the European Platform of Women Scientists did turn the European network of women in science into reality. EPWS has been working in Brussels for about one year now; the active involvement of networks of women scientists and of networks promoting women scientists in the work of the Platform is a further, important step which we have dreamt of for a long time”.

“The Platform’s outreach for members will continue”, says Dr. Maren Jochimsen, EPWS Secretary General. “It is only the beginning of our development into a strong, democratic, inclusive membership-based organisation. We encourage all networks of women scientists as well as associations or individuals promoting women in science and /or gender issues to apply for membership any time of the year.”The new members expressed their views and voted on the strategic direction and future work programme of the Platform. The existing Board of Administration members were unanimously confirmed in their position by the Assembly.

The General Assembly alsoEPWS, Rue d’Arlon 38, B1000Brussels, Tel +32 2 234 37 50, Fax +32 234 37 59, Platform of Women Scientistsextended the Board of Administration to increase its geographical representation from Eastern Europe (Lithuania) and Southern Europe (Portugal).

Contact:Adelina Huminic-Orzu Project Manager Information European Platform of Women Scientists EPWS Rue d’Arlon 38 B-1000 Brussels Tel +32 2234 37 52 Fax+32 2 234 37 59 was legally established as a non-profit association in Belgium in November 2005. It was officially launched to the Brussels community on 28 March 2006. In April 2006, the Platform started reaching out to potential members all over Europe and has been in touch with over 160 Networks from 30 different countries representing a variety of scientific disciplines since.EPWS, Rue d’Arlon 38, B1000Brussels, Tel +32 2 234 37 50, Fax +32 234 37 59,


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